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Surrey Trust XI Continue Unbeaten Run and Remain Top.

Surrey Trust XI Continue Unbeaten Run and Remain Top.

Chris Ward5 Jul 2017 - 10:57
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Toby Blood Bottles Ton in Stylish Knock...

Dorking Surrey Trust vs Banstead

By Travis Blood

The day started with a lovely KFC and a poor choice of a subway by a few of the boys, which lead to a late arrival by Ben Rodgers, however the skipper was not worried.

The toss of the coin was done and Dorking’s captain brought back to the changing room, his first win of the day with the delight of the team as we were batting first. Our openers (Master Kenway, Matt Homewood) set out with a determined stroll to the crease, as Matt Homewood was to take the first ball of the day by Banstead opening bowler (Jo Brown). Next to bowl from the hard-court end of the local Banstead park saw a young crafty spinner (Daniel Read). Master Kenway shaking at the crease as the young bowling skipped into bowl, Kenway saw away the first ball, however lost his head thinking of his subway choice and spooned a terribly timed shot into air down to mid-on with the scores at 2 runs. Barney Davies was next in quick time, another shaky batsman looking nervous. Two overs went by with not much to talk about, then Read for his second over of ragging spin and tempting delivery’s, saw Barney Davies on strike this may always lead to a wicket and what would you know another pied shot up to mid-on, trying to copy master Kenway in every way on and off the pitch, with barney scoring 3 and the overall score totalling 13. Next up was skipper Chris Ward , very full stomach after his twister with extra mayo. In all of actions we had forgot about our opening batsmen (Homewood) still fighting hard on pitch, getting the scores up to 23 with his 7 runs contribution before (Read) taking another wicket after his 4 over. To join the skipper was a very ill Rodger’s (hungover). With the two stable batsmen going to work on the two new bowlers and getting the down heartened Dorking team up to a score of 62 before very slow Rodger’s got bumped out by a half volley by new bowler (Estall). Next to walk in was keeper Wilbur Edwards, with the advice of the Dorking supporters club of Gary and Philippa supporting W. Edwards as he goes in to struggled situations. As the score reached 77 our skipper lost his wicket, saying goodbye Wilbur at the crease. Toby blood was next to try the Banstead bowler and give them a little testing but clearly not giving Wilbur the best advice as Wilbur goes for 5. Charlie Edwards enters the game at a crucial stage, both players looking positive and put on a massive partnership of 139 to take the score to 216 after Toby and Charlie reach there 50s. Toby Blood hit some fantastic shots in and outside the boundary but bottles his 100 reaching 98, with a highlight of hitting the ball at a boy while he wheelies on his bike impressing the local girls. Banstead now looked worried after the new gun batsmen enters (Travis blood) however an absolute jaffer that swings around the pitch take his stump out of the ground. With the inning ending by George and Freddie decide they have had enough and run each other out with no remorse. Dorking end up on 244 after the 40 overs.

Second inning.

Dorking take to the pitch with Travis Blood taking the new nut, and the opening for Banstead (G Sanders, S Montebello). In the second over for Travis a swinging ball finds the middle of the pads and the umpires finger was raised. Banstead score on 15, Freddie Fownes-Walpole bowled a few very tidy overs but struggled to get a wicket however looking to occur. The next big incident was Travis Blood bowling now an away swinging ball that found the edge of the bat however Rodgers still shaking from his bouncer dropped the catch, no matter though as Freddie took full advantage of his good bowling to take a wicket of Ali as the scores were 30. The 5th over of Travis Blood’s came with a bag of variation’s that harry potter couldn’t pay for, with a bouncer leading the batsmen to hit the ball straight up to the safe hands of Barney Davies. The next 3 wickets saw Banstead struggling on 116 for 6 as Ben Rodgers and George Edwards was in the attack Dorking looked comfortable in securing their 5th win. Charlie Edwards bowled his big turners and helped rush through the overs as the guys were keen to get home for love island. Ben Rodger’s claiming 3 scalps and Charlie Edwards picking up 1. Also, to add a fine run out for Travis blood running to the boundary at fine leg with local Banstead boys cheering him on to get the run out. Another strange bowling selection of Matt Homewood paid off as he claimed the final wicket with his first ball, now having the best average in the league of 0, and Banstead ending with 138. Overall a good day out for Dorking, keeping their unbeaten run.

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